Philipp believes that travel is the best education a person can get. He was fortunate to travel to more than two dozen countries, working on projects in 13, while living in four.

He feels blessed that he has had the opportunity to travel to distant places and was able to marvel at the emptiness of Siberia, sleep between the dunes of the Empty Quarter in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, navigate his way through the Pink City in Jaipur or venture to one of the largest volcanic craters on Sumatra.

It is Philipp’s mission to create a desire to travel and explore and thereby bring cultures together through his photography.

He is working as a Sustainability Expert in the United Arab Emirates, advocates for the rights of migratory labourers, is the father of two children and married to his wonderful wife Ekaterina.

A clever man once said: “The most dangerous world view is the one by people that have not seen the world.”

In times that are dominated by a focus on differences, I want to bring the world closer together through my pictures.

For inquiries, please contact or reach out on Instagram @philrotography.